30 to 3,000

My 5-Step Guide to microblogging and the secret to how I generated over 3,000 impressions to my tweets. All while reporting The Bureau of Investigative Journalisms virtual event ‘How is British chicken fuelling global deforestation?’.

Screenshot of tweets from @DFCJourno 09/12, discussing the microblogging event.
1. So, what is the point?
2. The secret ingredient..
Statistics for #ClimateChangeInYourArea w/c 07.12.2020
3. Digital Networking
Top Tweets from @DFCJourno taken directly from Twitter
Likes from @DFCJourno pre-event tweet
4. Stay active, without even getting up…
Tweet from @DFCJourno & Sprout Social twitter scheduling guide
5. A pictures worth a thousand words…or at least over 280 characters
Example of my stories on Instagram

WEEK 4 : TEDxTalk of the Week

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